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I have known Adair for over 26 years, Adair is one of the most caring, non-judge-mental people I know, I made some pretty dumb choices as an adult and she never judged me. Adair will help and has helped so many people she was born to do this. Adair is confidential and reliable, she gave me the courage I did not have and she was the strength I needed when I had none. If you're ever in trouble or need advice she will be there for you with open arms.

Amanda Boucher

Adair was very instrumental in me being 100% prepared to handle my family court matters. She listened to my concerns and helped me put together a plan to deal with everything. She walked along side me through my journey. She was just what I needed and I don't think I would have been so prepared without her guidance and wisdom. I would 100% recommend her to anyone.

Roslyn Willis

Adair is one of a kind. She listens and then offers her advice. No matter how many times I kept asking the same question over and and over again she explained it to me until I understood it. She is knowledgeable in this field and she helped me feel at ease about my case. She is highly recommended

Gil Medrano